648 – Moolto.com

madness-hunt-2016-squareMoolto Alive and Well – So Join the Hunt!

In July, it was announced that Moolto.com was going to close because the original owner, Maxes Loon no longer had the time due to real life constraints. Not to worry, Vampirepam has “injected” new life and energy into moolto.com. She and her team have many plans to continue to evolve while continuing to offer the same valuable resources and services that has made moolto a go to sim and website since 2011. We are here to stay.

Founded in 2009, Moolto.com has been a long running presence in Second-Life, offering valuable services including advertising opportunities, hunts, contests and more. “I intend to continue the same vision of growing a vibrant community exclusively for SL Avatars, in addition to providing new and relevant services. My vision is to continue to grow the loyal community that was founded by Maxes Loon and to breathe new life into the organization bringing it forward to the SecondLife of today. Think of the new moolto as moolto 2.0!”

To kick off the new Moolto.com Vampirepam and her team have organized a new version of the “sisters hunt” made famous by moolto.com that is called simply “Moolto Hunts” which will be themed based upon the quarter and offers gifts for both men and women. The current Hunt is the “Madness Hunt”, where designers will have gifts in the Halloween/Horror/Fall theme. Participants will need the “Magic Glasses” to collect their gifts. They can stop by Moolto.com Headquarters and pick up the glasses as well as the matching outfits for men and women created by some of the top brands in SL.

Best of all this themed hunt will take place October 15 – November 15th and is a $0 L hunt that offers fabulous gifts to get you fashionable for this spine tingling season. Hunters can only collect gifts if they belong to the Moolto.com Group AND wear the Moolto Glasses! Glasses can be picked up from any kiosk.

This is the fun of this hunt and what makes it UNIQUE and what makes it moolto.com.
“The Madness Hunt” Sponsors
7 Deadly Skins
Marvelous Events


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647 – Lazy Sunday Afternoon

647-1It was a lazy Sunday today but good weather and went also for a walk in RL. Was a really nice afternoon.

So I have here for you a beautiful furniture set “The Outdoor Space” by OTB! Always as I know Kasslina Moonglow very nice designed and built🙂
In-Built Animations in the couch for 2 persons. Single sits, cuddles and friends animations as well in the chair.
Set contains of: couch, chair, coffee table incl. decoration, rustic antler and rug.
See at the end for single shots🙂

My outfit “Candy” by Tashi is such a nice and sexy casual one, perfect also for a lazy Sunday.
It comes with a lot of sizes and a texture change hud. 4 solid colours for the top, 4 printed tops I show you here and 8 colours for the shorts.

647-7My nailpolish “Rainbow Brite” is also by Tashi. The colour change hud has 5 options to choose from.🙂

647-6Heute war ein fauler Sonntag und schönes Wetter und so ging ich auch ein wenig in RL spazieren im Wald. Es war ein schöner Nachmittag.

Heute zeige ich euch ein schickes Möbelset “The Outdoor Space” von OTB!
Wie immer – so wie ich Kasslina Moonglow kenne – toll designed und gebaut.🙂
In-Built Animationen in der Couch für 2 Personen. Single Sits, Cuddles und Friends Animationen auch im Stuhl.
Das Set besteht aus: Couch, Stuhl Tisch incl. Dekoration, Rustikaler Leuchter und Teppich.

647-8Mein Outfit “Candy” von Tashi ist so ein nettes und sexy Outfit perfekt für den faulen Sonntag.
Es kommt mit einigen Meshgrößen und einem Texture Change Hud. 4 EInzelfarben und 4 bedruckte Versionen für das Top sowie 8 Farben für die  Shorts. Ich zeige euch die bedruckten Tops hier🙂

647-9Mein Nagellack “Rainbow Brite” ist auch von Tashi, dessen Colour Change Hud 5 Optionen bietet.


Furniture by OTB! Single Shots








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Swank Event – September 2016
Theme: FreeStyle
SLURL / Swank Blog / Facebook Group/Facebook Swank Events/ Flickr



Hair / Haare – *Analog Dog* – Sassafra
Eyes / Augen – *IKON* – Odyssey Eyes
Nailpolish / Nagellack – *TASHI* – Rainbow Brite   ==>@SWANK



Shorts&Top  – *TASHI* – Candy     ==>@SWANK
Shoes / Schuhe – *Essenz* –   Albufeira – white




Furniture Set – *OTB!* – The Outdoor Space   ==>@SWANK




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646 – Soraya

646-1Swank Event is still running thru the end of the month – Theme Freestyle.

You will get there this amazing dress “Soraya” by Tiffany Designs.
Comes with applier hud for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink & Omega as well as an extra hud for Slink hands. Available in different colours at SWANK.

My Shoes are also from Tiffany designs and coming for Belleza, Maitreya & Slink Feet.
Available in different colours at the mainstore.

My earrings are part of Tiffany Design’s Jewellery Set Monalisa. It includes earrings and necklace.

646-3My hair is the Angelica Hair by Letituier. Available in different colours versions at SWANK.

646-2Das Swank Event läuft noch bis zum Ende des Monats mt dem Thema Freestyle.

Ihr bekommt dort dieses tolle Kleid “Soraya” von Tiffany Designs.
Es kommt mit einem Applier Hud für Maitreya, Belleza, Slink & Omega sowie einem Extra Hud für die Slink Hände. Erhältlich in verschiedenen Farben auf dem Swank Event.

Meine Schuhe sind auch von Tiffany Designs und kommen für Belleza, Maitreya & Slink Füße. Erhältlich in verschiedenen Farben im Mainstore.

646-4Meine Ohrringe sind Teil d es Schmucksets Monalisa von Tiffany Designs.
Es enthält Ohrringe und Kette.

Mein Haar “Angelica Hair” ist von Letituier. Erhältlich auf dem Swank Event in verschiedenen Farben.




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Swank Event – September 2016
Theme: FreeStyle
SLURL / Swank Blog / Facebook Group/Facebook Swank Events/ Flickr



Hair / Haare – *Letituier* – Angelica   ==>@SWANK
Eyes / Augen – *IKON* – Odyssey Eyes



Dress / Kleid – *Tiffany Designs* –   Soraya – black   ==>@SWANK
Shoes / Schuhe – *Tiffany Designs* –   Lily – black




Earrings – *Tiffany Designs* –   Monalisa Set
Mask – *IT!* – Enchanting Mystery Mask   ==> @TWE12VE



-Lalochezia- Blank Space Pose Set

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645 – Inspiration SL – Björk

645-1New round of Inspiration SL presents Björk ! You don’t know her ?
Maybe you know this song? If not, get inspired by her special style !

Wicked created this minidress “Frida” for this round of Inspiration SL. Coming in standard sizing and a colour change hud for the zipper. The dress is in different colours available at the event.

My nailpolish “SO quiet” by LUNA offers 10 different texture possibilities via hud.
I add the picture of the hud , too.

__luna__-body-art-so-quiet-bjork-vendor-slinkMy hair “Bjork” by Fabia is available in natural tones and multicoloured tones.

My make-up is exclusive by Ever an Angel  for Inspiration SL.
I show you 2 face make-ups  – available at the event are 4 face make-ups – No. 3 is the exclusive for Bjork Inspiration.

Also showing you 3 lip stains by Ever an Angel – available at Inspiration SL.
Please be aware these are “only” tattoo layers for your system shapes /Classcic Avis – no appliers for mesh heads.

645-2Die neue Runde von Inspiration SL präsentiert Björk ! Ihr kennt sie nicht?
Vielleicht kennt ihr diesen Song? Wenn nicht, lasst euch von ihrem speziellen Stil inspirieren !

Wicked nimmt mit diesem Minikleid “Frida” für diese Runde an Inspiration SL teil. Es kommt in den Mesh Standardgrößen und einem Colour Change Hud für den Reißverschluss. Das Kleid ist in verschiedenen Farben erhältlich.

645-3Mein Nagellack “So quiet” von LUNA bietet 10 verschiedene Möglichkeiten mittels Hud.
Ich füge das Bild des Huds hier an.

Mein Haar “Bjork” von Fabia ist erhältlich in Natural Tones und Multicoloured Tones.

Mein Make-Up ist exklusiv von Ever an Angel  für Inspiration SL.
Ich zeige euch 2 Make-Ups  – erhältlich auf dem Event sind 4 volle Make-Ups – No. 3 ist das Exclusive Item for Björk Inspiration SL

Auch zeige ich euch 3 Lip Stains von Ever an Angel – erhältlich auf Inspiration SL.
Bitte beachtet, diese Make-Ups und Lip Stains sind “nur” Tattoo Layers” für die SystemShapes/Classic Avas und keine Mesh Head Applier .







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Hair / Haare – *Fabia* – Björk   ==>@Inspiration SL
Eyes / Augen – *IKON* – Odyssey Eyes
Face-Make-up – *Tone by Ever An Angel* – Tone Inspireds Face 1 and Face 3    ==>@Inspiration SL
Lipsticks – *Tone by Ever An Angel* – Tone Inspireds Lip Violet, Blue and Green    ==>@Inspiration SL
Nailpolish / Nagellack –  *LUNA* –   So quiet   ==> @Inspiration SL



Dress / Kleid – *Wicked* –   Frida – white    ==> @Inspiration SL






prop in-built animation @Inspiration SL

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644 – Fractured

TWE12VE Event by Evil Bunny Productions is still running until the end of the month.

For this round Sass created this  beautiful, sexy dress with jacket, panty, stockings and shoes. You can wear everything together or seperate or different combinations as you wish🙂

644-3My necklace is “Celestial” by Vengeful Threads for TWE12VE as well as my nailpolish “Celestial Trio” – Nailpolish is available for only 10L$.

My skin is wonderful Sabrina by WOW Skins for TWE12VE. Available Catwa applier in different skin tones for you. I am wearing Darktan.

The Poses I used are also from TWE12VE Event – “Enchanted Ball Poses” by Poseidon comes as a pose set of  8 Poses.


644-2TWE12VE Event by Evil Bunny Productions läuft bis zum Ende des Monats.

Für diese Runde hat Sass dieses schicke, sexy Outfit aus Kleid, Jacke, Stockings, Panty und Schuhen kreiert. Ihr könnt alles gemeinsam tragen oder einzeln oder andere Kombis – ganz wie ihr möchtet🙂

Meine Kette “Celestial” von Vengeful Threads ist auch für TWE12VE sowie der Nagellack “Celestial Trio”, welcher für nur 10L$ erhältlich ist.

Mein schöner Skin ist Sabrina von WOW Skins für TWE12VE. Die Catwa Applier sind in verschiedenen Hauttönen erhältlich – ich trage Darktan.

Auch die Posen, die ich n utzte sind vom TWE12VE Event – “Enchanted Ball Poses” von Poseidon kommen als Poseset mit 8 Posen.





Follow me on flickr to see more photos with larger resolution taken by me.
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Mesh head – *Catwa* – Jessica
Skin Head Applier – *WOW* – Sabrina Catwa Applier  ==> @TWE12VE
Hair / Haare – *DeLa* – Dorothy
Eyes / Augen – *IKON* – Odyssey Eyes
Nailpolish / Nagellack –  *Vengeful Threads* –   Celestial Trio   ==> @TWE12VE



Dress / Kleid – *Sass* –   Fractured    ==> @TWE12VE




Necklace / Kette –  *Vengeful Threads* –   Celestial   ==> @TWE12VE




Poseidon – Enchanted Ball Poses   ==> @TWE12VE

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